Weleda Saline Toothpaste (75ml)

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Weleda Saline Toothpaste (75ml)

This fresh salt toothpaste prevents the formation of dental plaque and therefore forms a natural protection against tooth decay and tartar. The sea salt in the paste consists of salt crystals, which make the structure of the toothpaste grainy. As a result, your teeth are cleaned well in a mild manner.


Saline Toothpaste works optimally if you start brushing with a dry toothbrush: the salt crystals do not immediately wash away, but dissolve slowly during brushing. That way they can do their cleaning work longer. Sea salt has a triple effect in the mouth. It stimulates the self-cleaning action of the saliva, neutralizes the acidity in the mouth and strengthens the gums.


Preferably brush after every meal and use Saline Toothpaste preferably on a dry toothbrush, so that the salt crystals are not washed away by the water and can do their job effectively. No fluoride and synthetic foaming agents have been added to the toothpaste.

For whom special?

  • for people who quickly have dental plaque or tartar
  • for everyone who likes salty and fresh toothpaste

Tip: Give yourself a week to get used to the first salty taste of Saline Toothpaste. During that period, pay particular attention to the wonderfully fresh, long-lasting aftertaste that is a combination of menthol and eucalyptus.

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