Weleda Pregnancy Oil (100ml)

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Weleda Pregnancy Oil (100ml)

Pregnancy oil is a light oil with the scent of orange blossoms and roses that feels soft on your skin, gives a comfortable cover and increases the elasticity and tension of your skin. Pregnancy oil is suitable for the care of abdomen, buttocks, legs and breasts.


Almond oil, jojoba oil and wheat germ oil (rich in vitamin E) together with an extract of Arnica improve the tension of the skin, making it more elastic and easier to spring along with your growing body during your pregnancy. In Germany, a dermatological institute investigated the effect of Weleda Pregnancy Oil on stretch marks after delivery. The participating women gave birth six months to two years ago and suffered from stretch marks on their stomachs, buttocks, breasts and / or thighs. Once or twice a day they rubbed the spots with Pregnancy Oil and left a piece of skin untreated to see the difference later. After six months, the treated spots were clearly smaller and the skin was visibly smoother than the skin that had not been treated.


Heat a little oil in your hand and massage your abdomen, breasts, legs and buttocks in two circular movements, two to three times a day. With the use of the oil you don't have to wait until you can feel the kicking feet of your baby, even if you just know you are pregnant, rubbing with Pregnancy Oil can be very valuable for the contact between you and your baby. Regular rubbing up to three months after pregnancy helps to reduce the risk of stretch marks and to get your body back in shape.

For whom special:

For pregnant women, from the very beginning of pregnancy until three months after delivery.

During your pregnancy your breasts will become fuller and more sensitive; they can feel tense. It is then pleasant to rinse them with cold water after washing or showering and then massage them with Pregnancy Oil.


By massaging your belly, you make contact with your baby. This helps you to gain confidence in the successful outcome of your pregnancy and the delivery and the contact with your child after birth. This allows fears and doubts to give way to joyful expectation and to enjoy your pregnancy. By being aware of your body, your abdominal massage can also help you accept changes to your body and feel confident and trusted in your own body.

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