Weleda Calendula Crèmebad (200 ml)

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Calendula cream bath

Calendula Cream Bath is cream white in color and smells soft and fresh. It is meant to gently clean and gently care for your baby's delicate skin. For this purpose Calendula Cream Bath contains a high content of valuable vegetable oils that prevent the drying effect of water and keep your baby's skin supple. The Cream Bath is also suitable for adults with sensitive skin.


The almond and sesame oil in the Calendula Cream Bath provides the skin with an oily layer that you feel when you lift your child out of the bath. This layer forms a natural protection, so that you could even bathe your baby every day or in the shower without his skin becoming unbalanced. Calendula Cream Bath is also supplemented with an extract of Calendula that cleanses and softens sensitive skin. A composition of natural essential oils, including lavender and orange oil, give the creamy bath milk its soft-fresh scent.


Just before the bath is overflowed, add a dash of Calendula Cream Bath in the bath water - ensure a water temperature of 37 degrees - and distribute it well with your hand through the water. Under the shower you can put a splash of Cream bath on a wet washcloth and clean the skin of your child.

For whom special:

For your baby if he wants to take a bath or shower every day, without the danger of his skin drying out; also for adults with sensitive skin who want to bathe daily.

Do not bathe your baby for more than five minutes when he is very young, because he will get tired of it. For vulnerable children, a bathtub is better than a bathtub. He feels more secure in this.

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