Weleda Calendula Balm (75ml)

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Weleda Calendula Balm (75ml)

If your baby's skin is skimpy, red and sensitive, Calendula Balm brings zinc oxide relief and care. The Balm balm forms a protective and moisture-resistant layer between the skin and corrosive moisture. If your child gets teeth and teeth, he can also have red and thin legs.


The ingredients wool wax, beeswax and especially zinc in the Calendula Bill Balm form a natural, protective layer between the delicate baby skin and the corrosive moisture from the stool. Once the Balm is applied, Calendula and chamomile extracts can do their care work. The first results can already be seen with the next diaper change!


If you apply a new diaper, after removing the diaper you can clean the wipes with a damp cloth or washcloth with some Calendula Body Milk on it. After that you can spread the legs thickly with Calendula Balm Balm, so that you really apply a protective layer between the broken legs and the moisture. If your child has very red and sensitive legs, Calendula Balm can best be used with every change of the diaper. If the skin is calm again, you can switch to Calendula Body Cream for the daily care of the legs.

For whom special:

For your baby if he has red, rough and sensitive legs or is bothered by his legs due to teeth coming through.

Tip 1:
Your baby's skin folds are sometimes difficult to keep dry; rough spots may occur. The Calendula Balm balm has a soothing and purifying effect on these spots.

Tip 2:
The tests also show that Calendula Body Cream and Calendula Weather and Wind Balm help prevent transsepidermal fluid loss (loss of moisture from the skin due to evaporation) and that Calendula Balm Balm shortens the time it takes for the skin to heal with red and chapped legs. .

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