Universal protective cover for Saturation meter

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Protective cover for your Saturation / Oximeter

The protective bag offers you a safe way to store your Oximeter. This handy protective bag is suitable for the Finger Pulse Oximeters that you can buy at thuistesters.nl

About the Finger Pulse Oximeters

Oxygen is transported through the whole body through the blood. The oxygen molecules enter the body through the lungs and end up in the blood. There the oxygen molecules bind to the hemoglobin in the red blood cells.

An oxygen saturation meter or spO2 meter measures the amount of oxygen-filled red blood cells and thus the amount of oxygen in the blood. The percentage of this should be between 95% and 100%.

If this percentage is lower, you may experience unpleasant complaints. Examples of these complaints are:

  • Shortness of breath with exertion
  • Shortness of breath at rest
  • General fatigue
  • Heart complaints
  • Mentally less well functioning

There are various Pulse Oximeters available at thuistesters.nl. For example, you can choose to take one that gives an alarm as soon as your oxygen saturation is below the limit values. Examples of such Pulse Oximeters are:

Pulse Oximeter for children (CMS50QB)

Pulse Oximeter (CMS50F)

Pulse Oximeter (CMS60D)

Naturally, thuistesters.nl offers you many more types of Oximeters. So take a look around and choose the Pulse Oximeter that suits you.

If you have too low an oxygen percentage in your blood, it is of course very important to find out the cause of this. You can always go to the doctor for this. You refer this to a specialist.

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