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Stylish shaving with Cheapido's brushes

Shaving with a brush has become popular again. Using a brush guarantees a perfect shaving comfort, spreads the foam more easily over you facial hair and leads to a smoother result. Style, comfort and a perfect shaving result all in one!

Cheapido sells a variety of shaving brushes, mostly by Hans baier and Mühle. These brands produce good quality, long-lasting shaving brushes.

Nobody likes a damaged and rough skin after shaving. Shaving brushes keep your skin smooth. Most of our brushes are made of badger hair, which is supersoft. Its unique structure creates a lot of foam.

Hans baier

Most of our shaving brushes are made by Hans Baier. Their products are known of their high quality and are made of high-grade materials.


Mühle is another German brand known for classic shaving product of high quality. If you are looking for an old-fashioned brush or brush set, you can't go wrong with Mühle.

Shaving brush holder

Brushes are sold either seperately or with a holder. Because a good brush can be quite pricy, good storage is worth it by increasing hygiene and lowering the chance of damage to the brush.