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Lubricants help achieve the ultimate sexual experience. They reduce vaginal dryness and other inconvenience. Some lubricants have a 2 in 1 effect, which means they can be used for the entire body. For an intense sensual experience there are lubricants with added flavour. These can be used for vaginal, anal and oral sex. All our lubricants are available at extra low prices.

Extra comfort and stimulation

Lubricant can make most sex more pleasant and intens. Even when dryness is not a problem, it can create extra feeling and arousal. Masturbating is often considered more pleasant when the penis or vagina is extra wet.

Massages with lubricant

Some lubricants can also be used for giving erotic massages. Most of these gels have a warming effect and cause extra stimulation of the skin, making every touch feel more intense.

Most lubricants are made on a silicon base. This ensures long-lasting duration and prevents irritation from drying out and are thus most suitable for longer massages. For short massages, a water-based gel is advised.

Flavoured Lubricants

To make oral sex extra special you can choose a flavoured lubricant, for example with fruit or chocolate flavour. The senses are tingled to increase the mood of you and your partner. If you normally do not like giving oral sex, a flavoured lubricant can help to make this more appealing to you. Flavoured lubricants are always water-based

Lubricants at Cheapido

in our assortment you will find the following brands:

·         Durex

·         Sensilube

·         Body love

·         Beppy

·         Lucovitaal

Water-based Lubricants

The advantage of water-based lubricants is that it can safely be used with condoms or toys. It does not stain and can easily be cleaned.

Combining lubricant with condoms

When you combine lubricant with condoms, it is always advised to use a water-based lubricant, to prevent latex condoms from tearing and leaking.

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