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Quality condoms for cheap at Cheapido

Cheapido's condoms from brands such as Durex and Beppy provide ultra high comfort and meet the highest quality of protection. Enjoy safe sex without any distraction with our top quality condoms! Cheapido's assortment contains many different types of condoms, mainly from Durex. Extra thin, XL, condoms for women and more.

Save on the best condoms

With Cheapido you are ensured you never pay too much for your condoms. Some of our condoms are:
- Classic condoms
- Extra safe
- Feel thin
- Invisible
- Pleasure me
- Feel sensual / sensitive
- With extra lube
- XL condoms
- Condoms for women
- Much more!

Thin condoms

With a thinner condom you can enjoy sex even more, while maintaining the same level of protection.

Durex Condoms - Invisible

The Durex Invisible Condoms are their thinnest ever, only 45 micrometer! They are even thinner than the Feel Sensual and Feeling Sensitive condoms. These transparant condoms are thin, scent-free but as strong as you expect from Durex and with a reservoir.
The condom has a straight fit and a nominal width of 52 mm.
- Ultra thin condoms for ultimate feeling
- Invisible
- With reservoir
- Neutral flavour
- Colour: Transparant
- Material: Latex

XL condoms

For men with an extra large penis there are special XL condoms. The Durex Comfort XL Power Condoms have an Easy-On-fit with reservoir, developed specially for more comfort and are made of transparant, natural rubber latex.

Condoms for women

Condoms for women are inserted into the vagina and catches sperm. It protects against both STI's and pregnancy. At Cheapido we sell condoms by Femidom.

Femidom condoms are treated with lubricant. They are a new alternative contraceptive to the regular condom. Made of ultrathin polyurethane, it is placed inside the vagina and has an opening for the penis. Their two rubber rings are placed just before the opening of the uterus and on the outside of the vagina.

Why buy condoms from Cheapido?

With Cheapido's condoms you guarantee an optimal experience, great feeling and the best protection, while saving money every time!