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Mini products for little at Cheapido

Your body requires constant care and the right products. At Cheapido you will find mini care products for very small prices. These small units are perfect for travelling, a day to the beach or just at home.

Mini packagings can be useful for:

-          Saving space in your toiletry bag.

-          Ease of carrying around.

-          Being allowed in your plane hand luggage.

-          A day trip.

Our brands of mini products

We have mini version of many popular products and brands. Oral care, Body care, Hair care, Deodorant etc.

Mini Toothpaste

-          Colgate

Mini Body care

-          Dalan d’Olive Hand & Body lotion

-          FA Shower Gel

-          Dove Bodymilk

-          Vogue Shower Gel

-          Ultrasun Sunscreen

Mini Hair care

-          Schwarzkopf

-          Axe

-          Gliss Kur

-          Batiste

-          Dove

-          Syoss

Shampoo usually comes in big bottles which are awkward to carry around. When you go on vacation, it is advised to bring a small container. Mini shampoo's take up little space and are allowed in your hand luggage.

Mini Deodorant

-          Axe

-          Dove

-          Rexona

Deodorant is part of our daily routine, you use it throughout the day. We can't really do without it anymore. It is convenient to carry around deodorant in your purse, so you always have it within reach. A mini deodorant takes up little space and often lasts as long as their larger variants.

Compressed deodorant: The same amount of deodorant, but in a smaller bottles.

Many people believe smaller deodorants don't last as long, but that's not true! Both bottles contain the same amount of deodorant, but in the smaller bottle, it is more compressed.

It took over 6 years of research to fit the same amount of deodorant in a smaller bottle. By compressing the deodorant, it takes up less space and needs less propellant

Many compressed deo's can be recognised by the green around the edge. The variety in compressed deodorants is ever increasing.

So are you looking for a convenient mini-sized care product for your travels, or just for at home? We have a variety of smaller products to suit everyone's needs.