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Washing Emulsions, Intimate Soaps and more for great prices!

Taking good care of your intimate area is of vital importance. A Washing emulsion strengthens the natural protection of your vagina. The natural antibacterial ingriedients offer great antibacterial protection.
Your vagina is a part of your body that needs special and mild care. With the right product you stay fresh and free from unwanted odours. Not only menstruation, but also pregnancy and menopause require you to give extra care to your body.
Water cleans you vagina but does not protect or nourish it. With intimate soap, mousse and gel your intimate area gets the best care possible.

Washing Emulsion

A washing emulsion deeply cleanses, nourishes and protects your intimate area. At Cheapido we have the best brands at the lowest prices. One of these brands is Lactacyd, some of their products are:
- Lactacyd Washing Emulsion
- Lactacyd Washing Gel
- Lactacyd Mousse

Lactacyd Washing Emulsion

Lactacyd gives the optimal protection your vagina needs. It is suitable for any phase in your life, whether you are young, pregnang, in menopause or any other time. Lactacyd gives a mild care, is free of soap and contains the body's own lactic acid for ultimate protection of your vagina.

Lactacyd Washing Emulsion Antibacterial

Lactacyd Antibacterial Washing Emulsion strengthens the natural protection of your vagina. Developed with natural antibacterial ingredients that prevent unwanted odours.

Lactacyd Calming Washing Emulsion

This helps reduce irritation, itching and redness. Developed with bisabolol and Blue Daisy. for their calming and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Buy your Washing Emulsion for Extra Cheap

Have a look at our products and discover our low prices! Washing Emulsions, gels, and mousses from top brands for the lowest prices. Cheapido helps you with optimal cleansing, care and protection of your intimate area.