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Top quality tampons for optimal protection and perfect comfort

Tampons are used by most women for their menstruation. Some find them more hygienic than sanitary napkins. Tampons come in different types, sizes and brands. For lighter or heavier loss of blood and for during the night. Provide the best protection and hygiene for your intimiate area with Cheapido's top quality tampons, and save money at the same time! Our brands include:

- Ob
- Beppy
- Tampax
- Kotex

Tampons extra voordelig

Ob tampons

Ob is a well-known brand with quality products that help you get through your menstruation. Some examples:
- Night tampons
- Super tampons
- Normal tampons
- Pro comfort super
- Mini tampons, silk/procomfort
- Super plus tampons
- And more!

The Night tampons protect you up to 8 hours long. These have flexible wings that unfold and shape after your body to catch even more liquid for ultimate protection.

Beppy tampons

Beppy makes tampons without a string. They are soft and flexible sponges that are worn during menstruation. They offer up to 8 hours of invisible protection during menstruation. There is a Wet and a Dry version, both tampons have a soft structure and shape after your body. The Wet version has lactagel for easier insertion. The Dry version is shaped anatomically and is meant for the more advanced user.

Why buy tampons from Cheapido?

We offer the best protective product to get you through your menstruation as good as possible. With top quality brands such as Ob, Kotex, Tampax and Beppy you get the best comfort and hygiene while saving money at the same time!