Sanitary Napkins

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Top quality Sanitary Napkins for low prices!

Almost every woman uses sanitary napkins for her menstruation. They are available in many different types, sizes and brands. Sanitary napkins catch and absorb blood. For extra protection there are napkins with wings.
Cheapido has a large amount of sanitary napkins, which will help you get through your menstruation and protect you intimate area as good as possible. We sell top quality brands such as Libresse, Always, Kotex and more. Everything to provide ultimate protection during your menstruation.

Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary Napkins comes in many different types, such as:
- Normal
- With wings
- Night
- Ultra long
- Ultra thin
- And more!

In our product range you will find the most comfortable brands such as Libresse, Always and Kotex for optimal protection.

Always Sanitary Napkins

Always is a popular brand with many different sanitary products. In our assortment you will find products such as:
- Always Sanitary Napkins Ultra Long
- Always Sanitary Napkins Night
- Always Sanitary Napkins Normal
- Always Sanitary Napkins Sensitive
- Always Sanitary Napkins Discrete
- Many More!

Always offers full protection during your menstruation. Our most sold Always sanitary napkins:

Always Sensitive Sanitary Napkins - Ultra Mini

Stay confident during your menstruation with Always Sensitive. Its comfortable and soft fit keeps you hygienic and clean during the lighter days of your menstruation. The wings keep it perfectly in place.

Libresse Sanitary Napkins

Libresse has great menstruation products for every woman. Whatever type you are looking for, we probably have it at the best price!
Some of our Libresse products include:
- Ultra thin long
- Goodnight wing
- Normal with wings

For the best protection, Libresse is a great choice. Have a look at our assortment and save money on your hygienic essentials!

Our most sold Libresse Sanitary Napkins:

Libresse Sanitary Napkins - Ultra Thin Long Wings

With the Libresse Ultra Thin Long Wing you will feel more secure and well-protected. The napkins have wings to follow your body's natural curves. They offer triple protection against leaking thanks to its anti-leak edges, perfect fit and super-absorbant core. The wings provide extra security.

Why buy Sanitary Napkins from Cheapido?

At Cheapido we always have Sanitary Napkins from top quality brands on sale. You will never pay more than needed for your absolute necessities!