Professional Hair Care

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Professional Hair Care at Cheapido

The feeling you get from a visit to the hair salon is unique and hard to replicate. However, Cheapido has the same quality products that your hairdresser uses.
Your favourite top quality brands, including Syoss, Wella, Londa, Kadus and Indola are always on sale at Cheapido. Forget spending too much on hair products and instead buy your favourites from Cheapido for much less!

Syoss Hair Care

Syoss products are known for their quality and professional results. Thousands of hairdressers across the world use shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes and gloss sprays by Syoss. At Cheapido you can find those products for the low prices we are known for. Get that salon look every day!

  • Syoss Performance
  • Syoss Revive
  • Syoss Shine Boost
  • Syoss Repair Therapy
  • Syoss Keratin

Indola Hair Care

The many Indola product offer a solution to any hair problem. Whether it is tangles, split hairs or a lack of volume, Indola has the answer. There is a reason it is recommended by hairdressers. Get your favourite Indola products for less at Cheapido.

  • Indola Curl
  • Indola Hydrate
  • Indola Smooth
  • Indola Color
  • Indola Aloe Sensitive
  • Indola Repair Treatment
  • Indola Volume

Londa Kadus Hair Care

Using both the names Londa and Kadus, Londa Kadus has for years been a major player in professional hair care. The different Londa Kadus products work together to care for and style your hair. Feel like a hairdresser at home for a fraction of the price!

  • Londa Kadus Naturals
  • Londa Kadus Finishing
  • Londa Kadus Anti Frizz
  • Londa Kadus Professional Hold

Wella Hair Care

For over 135 years, Wella has enabled hairdressers to set free their creativity. Wella products not only treat your hair, but also let it shine. Their styling products are so strong that it will take little effort to create the desired effect. Get your favourite Wella products for cheap at Cheapido.

  • Wella Color Activator
  • Wella Take Shape
  • Wella Create Character
  • Wella Stay Styled
  • Wella Sun