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Top quality body creams for the sensitive, dry and normal skin

We have the perfect body cream for every type of skin, so that you can always enjoy a soft skin that does not dry out. The creams makes your skin supple and soft for an optimal feeling of indulgence.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is very common, especially when the weather gets worse. During the winter months, your skin dries out because the dry outside air draws moisture from your skin.

With our body creams, a dry skin is something of the past.

HDH Dry Skin Cream is a great remedy against dry skin, with selected ingredients that help you restore your skin to perfect condition.

Nivea cream

Nivea Cream is know for its blue tins and has a variety of uses.:

-          Anti-aging

-          Decreasing pregnancy stretch marks

-          Removing dark spots under the eyes

-          Remove make-up

-          Dry Skin

-          Dry Lips

-          Sunscreen

Nourish, protect, soften and care for your skin with Nivea Cream. The moisturizing formula keeps your skin pure, fresh and soft. Nivea Cream can be used on the entire body wherever your skin needs rich and mild care.

Dry and flaky skin is a common problem. Nivea Cream helps you get rid of that in no time! Use this cream once a day and your skin will feel smooth and soft again.

Body Cream brands

We have a large variety in brands and types of body creams. There is always something for you, whether you have dry or sensitive skin or are looking for extra hydration.

Some of our brands: Dove, Biodermal, Nivea, Orange Care, NEO-cure, Vedax, Lucovitaal, Natucare, Queen and more.

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What does a body cream do?

The ingredients of a good body cream hydrate and nurture your skin. The most common ingredients are Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Honey.

Vitamin E repairs the skin and nourishes it. It also helps against:

-          wrinkles

-          Acne scars

-          Brown spots

-          Dehydration

Biodermal creams are an effective way to treat your skin with care. Specialised creams for dry skin make it feel supple and soft again.

De Biodermal P-CL-E Creme - Serum bevat erg veel effectieve stoffen voor een goede huidverzorging.

Biodermal P-CL-E Serum is an intensive and effective face serum. The cream is suitable for vulnerable, dry and sensitive skin that needs daily care. The formula with a high concentration of natural skin ingredients help protect the skin against external influences, stimulate cell renewal and supports the skin's own restorative abilities. Biodermal P-CL-E Serum has a velvety light texture that is optimally absorbed by the skin.