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Sun is an American brand established in 1975 that has constantly been innovating, developing new products that reduce the time and effort spent on washing your dishes 

It all started with Sun Classic, consisting of a powder, a salt and a rinse. Sun was introduced in tablet form, as an easy way to dose the right amount. Since 2005, Sun dishwashing tablets are packed in a 100% water-soluble, biodegradable foil. Sun Extra Power is sold since 2006, these tablets remove even the most persistent stains and thus are ideal for dirty dishes. The year after, Sun Magic was introduced, which make your dishes shine like never before.

One of the more recent developments is Sun's Clean Boost formula, which increased the cleaning power of all Sun dishwashing tablets, removing even the most difficult stains. Sun also created tablets to increase the lifespan of your dishwasher.

Sun Products

Sun makes  a variety of dishwasher products, these include:

-          Sun Classic

-          Sun All in One

-          Sun All in One Premium

-          Sun All in One Gel

-          Sun for your dishwasher

Sun Classic

Sun Classic is a series containing a detergent, a rinse and a dishwasher salt. These products guarantee stainless dishes and a perfect result without even needing a pre-rinse!

Classic detergent's formula eliminates the most persistent grease in one cycle.

Rinse aid: By adding Sun Rinse Aid to Classic, your dishes are not only cleaned thoroughly but they also dry faster! No more streaks and smudges, just a perfect shining result.

Sun Dishwasher salt improves your dishwasher's performance and increasing cleaning power. The salt combats limescale and reduces white streaks on your dishes caused by hard water.

Sun All in One

Sun All in One is a dishwashing tablet that combines the effects of detergent, rise and salt in one easy to use product. The All in One formula softens the water in your dishwasher and cleans your dishes off any grease or stains.

Sun All in One Premium

This series from Sun contains 3 product types. All the benefits of Sun All in One, combined with extra cleaning or extra shine.

Sun All in One Extra Power: One of Sun's best tablets. When compared to other brands, this tablet has the best results and is the most potent formula on the market for removing persistent stains. Without needing a pre-rinse, your dishes will get clean and shiny and look as new.

Sun All in One Extra Shine: Thanks to the ultimate shine formula, this tablet prevents limescale and gives a streak-free result. It gives the best shine of any Sun product.

Sun All in One Extra Fresh & Clean guarantees clean dishes and a clean dishwasher. Dirt, grease and limescale are removed from even the most difficult-to-reach places.

Sun All in One Gel

This semi-liquid detergent combines the ease of a gel with the quality of Sun tablets. It makes your dishes shine without leaving any residue.

For your Dishwasher

Sun also makes products that do not clean your dishes, but your dishwasher. Without a clean machine, you can't expect shiny plates! Sun Dishwasher Cleaner protects and maintains the quality and performance of your machine. The Lemon version also adds a fresh scent.

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