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Hairmate Sector Hair Wax is a very fine product within the hair wax segment. Contrary to , there is no alcohol in Sector hair wax, which is better for your hair. It also prevents your hair from drying out.

Wax does not get hard as opposed to hair gel so that your hair gets a natural look. It remains in shape all day long, but is also reshapable. Hairmate Sector Hair wax is an originally Turkish brand that has found its way throughout Europe.

Sector Hair wax has standard 4 types of products:

  • Ultra Strong: For the most difficult and rebellious hair
  • Strong: With added fruit extracts for delicate hair.
  • Normal: With plant extracts for thin and frugal hair.
  • Wet look: Wet and strong formula, very suitable for short hair.

Every type has its own characteristic. For example Sector Super Wax Wet Look Bubblegum has a sweet bubblegum scent.

Sector Super Wax Strong Hairfruit was developed specifically for men with thin or fine hair. This Super wax is a hybride wax, because it is combined with a gel. Waxgels allow you to perfectly style your hair, both short and long. It has a fresh orange scent.

Hair wax is getting increasingly populair. It is also sold under different names, such as pomade, putty, molding gum and styling paste. The texture, composition and purpose of these products varies a lot, depending on the brand and manufacturer.

Hair wax has been used around the world and for thousands of years. The ancient Gauls used a product similar to modern day hair wax to shape their hair.

Hairmate Sector Hair wax works for a long time, is not greasy and is a water-based product, so that you only need water, no shampoo, to wash it out.