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The Schwarzkopf brand was created in Berlin in 1898, when an apothecary by the name of Hans Schwarzkopf opened a pharmacy with a dedicated perfume section. One of his customers had seen a powder shampoo in England and asked Hans if he could get a hold of it. He could not, so instead he made it himself. That was when it all took off. Soon he was found selling cheap powder shampoo throughout Berlin and beyond and the Schwarzkopf logo was created. In 1927 Schwarzkopf introduced its first liquid shampoo, causing a major leap in the company's development towards the multinational it is today.

Some other notable Schwarzkopf creations are: a perm product that no longer requires your hair to be head to 100 degrees and the first home hair dye, Poly Hair Color, which was awarded a gold medal for best invention in its category. Schwarzkopf also developed the first hairspray (the liquid hairnet), Taft. 'Taften' means 'to spray' in German.

The latest developments in the Schwarzkopf product range are Schwarzkopf BC and the ultimate line Schwarzkopf Osis, which is a range of high-quality styling products allowing you to create any look imaginable.

Schwarzkopf nowadays has various brands ranging from care to styling and dyes. The innovative Schwarzkopf products can be found all over the world in stores and hair salons. Schwarzkopf products are made for both salons and for home use: "Professional quality for you".

Gliss Kur is one of Schwarzkopf's brands and has existed for over 50 years. These products repair your hair and nourish it. A new Gliss Kur product line is developed almost every year, each targeting a specific problem:

-          Dull and washed-out hair

-          Little volume

-          Dry hair

-          Damaged hair

-          And more

Schwarzkopf Products

Schwarzkopf stocks a wide variety of hair products:

-          Shampoo

-          Conditioner

-          Silver shampoo

-          Schwarzkopf hair dye

-          Schwarzkopf hairgel

-          Hair spray

-          Anti-tangle spray

-          Hair strengthener

-          Capsules

-          Wax

-          Hair mask

Schwarzkopf Silver Shampoo

Schwarzkopf silver shampoo has the highest test score in its category. Schwarzkopf silver shampoo removes yellow shades from your hair and gives it an even silver-grey glow.

Schwarzkopf Hair Dye

Schwarzkopf specialises in hair dyes, which comes in many varieties and colours. Schwarzkopf produces permanent, semi-permanent and For Men hair dyes.:

-          Brillance hair dye

-          Keratin hair dye

-          Vital hair dye

-          Poly Palette hair dye

-          Essential color

-          Perfect Mousse

Schwarzkopf Hairgel

Schwarzkopf makes top quality hairgels. There is a specific product for every look, whether glossy, matte or electro:

-          Power Titane

-          Electro Force Hold

-          Bouncy Curls

-          Marathon

-          Damped

-          Maxx power

-          Freezing

-          Style’n Freeze

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