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Robijn (Ruby) is a Dutch brand of laundry products whose motto is: ‘’That what is beautiful should stay beautiful’’. In 1970, Robijn introduced its first fabric softener and in 1977 detergents were added to their product range.

We all want to keep our clothes in top shape as long as possible and Robijn helps you with exactly that. Robijn has the perfect solution for every type of clothing. When you treat your clothes with care, you want your detergent to do the same. Robijn keeps their colours intact during the laundry process and adds a fresh scent.

There is more to Robijn than Colour. What is dark, should stay dark, which is why Robijn Black Velvet was made. For whites, use Robijn Bright White and for wool there is Robijn Wool & fine.

Aside from the wide choice in detergents, Robijn also makes fabric softeners. They keep your clothes comfortably soft and smelling delightfully.


Robijn products

Robijn has the best care for every type of clothing. Their products include:

-          Robijn detergent; liquid, powder and capsules

-          Robijn fabric softener; concentrated and ultra concentrated

-          Robijn specials

Robijn Detergent

Liquid: Robijn has a perfect detergent for every type of laundry. For dark laundry there is Robijn Black Velvet, for whites Shining White, for wool Wool & Fine and for fine, coloured laundry 'Fleur & Fine'.

Powder: Robijn makes 2 types of washing powders: Robijn Powder Color & Robijn Powder Fleur & Fine. Robijn Powder Color protects fibers, so that your laundry does not lose its colour, even after many times. Robijn powder Fleur & Fine not only protects the colours of your fine laundryl, it also prevents pills and lint.

Capsules: For every type of laundry, there is also a capsule containing the best of Robijn. With their advanced washing power and great perfume they guarantee the quality and colour protection that you may expect from Robijn.

Robijn Fabric Softeners

Robijn fabric softener comes in 2 different varieties: concentrated and ultra concentrated. They all keep your laundry super soft, even after washing it many times. Every softeners matches with a detergent, so that there is always a perfect combination for your clothes.

Robijn specials

Aside from different types of detergents and fabric softeners, Robijn also produces:

-          Robijn Home Scent Sticks

-          Robijn Ironing Water

-          Robijn Perfume Booster

-          Robijn Dryer Sheets

-          Robijn Scent Pods

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