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Max Factor

Max Factor was born in Poland in 1872 as Maximillian Faktorowicz. As a child, he worked for, among others, a pharmacist and a wig maker, which sparked his interest in these fields. In the early 1900's, Maximilian and his family moved to the US, where he became a salesman of cosmetics and wigs.

Because theater makeup was not suitable for film actors, he focused on developing special film makeup. In 1914 he introduced a introduceerde hij a thin greasepaint in cream form, which came in 12 different colours. It became his breakthrough in the film cosmetics industry. Max Factor had his own beauty salon near Hollywood Boulevard, which became popular with famous actresses. In the following years, Max Factor developed more cosmetic products, such as facial powder, Pan-Cake makeup, false eyelashes, eyebrow brushes and lip gloss.

Since then, Max Factor has greatly increased its range of products.

Max Factor makeup

Max Factor is specialised in many types of makeup in all different types and colours. The Max Factor product range includes the following top products:

-          Foundation

-          Concealer

-          Blusher

-          Eyebrow powder & pencils

-          Eyeliner

-          Eyeshadow

-          Mascara

-          Lipliner

-          Lip gloss

-          Lipstick

-          Nail polish

Max Factor mascara

Max Factor offers a wide variety of in mascaras. There is a perfect mascara for every desired effect. Do you have short eyelashes? Use a mascara with a lengthening effect. Other mascaras create extra volume. New Max Factor technologies guarantee their mascaras provide the best results. Max Factor mascaras include:

-          Dramatic Volume

-          Excess Volume Black

-          Masterpiece Mascara

-          False Lash Effect

-          Waterproof Max Factor Mascara

-          Clump Defy Mascara

-          Xperience Mousse Black

-          Velvet Brown

-          Lash Effect Fusion

Max Factor Foundation

For the best makeup results, you need Max Factor foundation. Max Factor has a wide range of foundations, so there is always one that suits your skin and look. Max Factor has both powder foundations as well as normal, liquid foundations. Max Factor foundations include:

-          Performance Foundation

-          Colour Adapt Foundation

-          Powder Foundation

-          Foundation Stick

-          Foundation Facefinity

Max Factor lipstick

Lipsticks come in all colours. Cheapido stocks a large array of low-priced Max Factor lipsticks. From soft nudes and pastels to vibrant summer colours, deep reds and purple shades of autumn. There is something beautiful for all your lipstick needs. Do you have thin lips? Then choose a light-coloured lipstick. If your lips are larger and fuller, a strong or opaque colour is what you are looking for!

Max Factor has the following series of lipsticks and glosses:

-          Colour Elixir

-          Liquid Lipstick

-          Lipstick Pallet

-          Colour Elixir Lipgloss

-          2-steps Lipstick

-          Lipfinity

Why buy Max Factor from Cheapido?

Our Max Factor prices are always very low, so that you never pay too much! We stock a large range of Max Factor products, so there is always something that helps you create your perfect look.