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Labello's success story began over 100 years ago! The brand was established in Germany in 1909 and sales eventually spread throughout Europe. The word Labello is composed of two Latin words, 'labium' (lip) and 'bellus' (beautiful), which accurately describe the product's goal: making your lips beautiful. After its initial succes in Europe, Labello eventually expanded its operations around the world, including the United States and Middle East.

Labello guarantees soft, nurtured and beautiful lips. It is currently the most used lip care product in the world.

Labello Lip balm

Labello has a large variety of lip balms, which include:

-          Labello Original

-          Labello Cherry

-          Labello Watermelon

-          Labello Soft Rosé

-          Labello Pearl & Shine

-          Labello Hydro Care

-          Labello Peach Shine

All of these Labello Lip Balms make your lips soft, nurtured and beautiful.

Labello Original

The Labello Original provides hour-long care for your lips. It protects them against dehydration in any weather condition. Labello Original contains Jojoba Oil and Shea butter that nourish and protect your lips. The skin's own Hydramine and grape seed extracts keep your lips hydrated and cared for all day long.

Labello Cherry

With Labello Cherry you treat yourself to healthy lips with a pure, beautiful colour for both during the day and in the evening. Labello Cherry colours your lips cherry red and maintains their moisture content, so that they feel soft at all time.

Labello Watermelon

Labello Watermelon gives your lips a beautiful, exotic red colour, while also moisturising them. It has an incredibly fresh and fruity scent.

Labello Soft Rosé

Labello Soft Rosé contains nourishing jojoba oil, which guarantees long-lasting lip hydration. It reinforces the natural colour of your lips and its refined rose perfume tingles the senses. 

Labello Pearl & Shine

Soft and sensual lips? That is what Pearly Shine lip balm was made for. It softens your lips and gives them a subtle pearl gloss. A hint of pink and and a faint glimmer make your lips look extra feminine. The lip balm deeply nourishes your lips and maintain their moisture balance.

Labello Hydro Care

Hydro care is a non-greasy formula that is absorbed super quickly. Your lips get a naturally fresh look and a colourless finish. Hydro Care treats chapped lips with long-lasting hydration. The pure water, together with aloe vera make even very dry lips smooth and soft again. Labelloholds moisture in the lips and support your natural hydration process, guaranteeing healthy lips.

Labello Peach Shine

With this lip balm your lips will always have a pure, beautiful colour at any time during the day. Fruity Shine Peach gives your lips a coral touch and long-lasting hydration, which keeps them super soft.

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