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The first time you hug your baby, the rest of the world will slowly melt away and your life will be forever changed. Huggies understands that nothing is more powerful than that moment and every moment that follows That is why Huggies diapers are designed to feel the same way. But throughout your journey through parenthood, Huggies wants to offer you more than just diapers and wipes. From their first smile to their first step, Huggies is there to help you so you're prepared for every moment of your little one's life.

Huggies Diapers

Your baby wears diapers all day long, so nothing is more important than how it feels against your baby’s skin. All Huggies Diapers are elemental chlorine free and free of natural rubber latex. They are also fragrance-free, parabens-free and EU allergens-free. From day one to the last day of potty training, Huggies has something gentle for your baby to wear every step of the way. The most popular Huggies diapers are Huggies DryNites and Huggies Little Swimmers.

Huggies diapers DryNites: Huggies diaper pants are made for both boys and girls. With the absorbent DryNites diaper pants, a bit of patience and support, dry nights are always achievable and you can make your child potty-trained. Nothing protects better than DryNites. Huggies diapers are extra absorbent for the night, offer unsurpassed protection and come with fun designs.

Huggies diapers Little Swimmers: children adore playing in the water and on the beach. Untrained children of course need protection against little accidents while playing. Regular diapers expand in water and get heavy, causing your baby to be pulled down. Huggies Little Swimmers protect your child in the water without swelling up and have fun Disney designs.

Huggies Wipes

Huggies Wipes help keep your baby’s skin feeling as soft and gentle as the day they were born. Huggies' simple formula is fragrance-free, alcohol-free, parabens-free and doesn’t contain phenoxyethanol or MIT. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, the wipes are as gentle as your hug. There are Huggies wipes for normal skin and for babies with sensitive skin

Huggies Wipes Pure: These wipes are made for babies with sensitive skin. The baby wipes offer a mild cleansing, even for newborns.

Huggies Wipes Natural Care: These wipes are suited for babies with regular skin. The wipes treat your baby's skin with aloe vera and vitamin E, for effective and soft cleaning.

Huggies Wipes Soft Skin for sensitive baby skin cleanse softly and carefully. They are free of perfumes and alcohol and have added vitamin E.

Why buy Huggies from Cheapido?

Nobody wants to pay more than necessary. Are you looking for good diapers and baby wipes at a low price? At Cheapido, you will always find Huggies at a low price, both diapers and wipes. Never pay too much for Huggies!