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Garnier is a brand established in 1904. Their motto: ‘’our journey has made us who we are today’’. Their very first product was a hair lotion and in the century after that, Garnier has evolved step by step into an expert in natural beauty.

Garnier is very much dedicated to use sustainable sources wherever it can to reduce its environmental impact.

There are different kinds of Garnier products:

-          Garnier facial care (facial cleanse), such as Micellar Cleansing Water, Day Cream and Face Masks

-          Garnier sunscreen

-          Garnier hair dyes

-          Garnier loving blends (hair masks)

Garnier facial care and cleansing

Garnier produces facial care products for women that protect the skin's natural health and vitality. To achieve an optimal skin, you need the right cleansing and caring products. Garnier products offer the best protection for any type of skin and its facial cleanse keep your skin radiant and in top condition.

Garnier Micellar Water

For any woman looking for an easy, quick and effective way to remove makeup and clean her face, Garnier has a special Micellar Water. Cleaning your skin has never been so easy! Garnier Micellar Water comes in 4 varieties, each optimised for a different type of skin:

-          Garnier Micellar Water pink, for sensitive skin

-          Garnier Micellar Water green, for sensitive and mixed skin

-          Garnier Micellar Water orange, for any type of skin

-          Garnier Micellar Water blue, for sensitive & mixed to oily skin

Using Micellar water is very easy, apply it to your face, eyes and lips using a cotton bud. There is no need to rub hard or rinse it off.

Garnier Day Cream

Garnier makes 4 popular day creams, there is one for every type of skin:

-          Botanic Balsem. This Garnier cream has been enriched with Green Tea Extracts. The cream hydrates the skin and gives it a matte finish. It was made specifically for mixed to oily skin.

-          Botanic Balsem Day Cream enriched with rose water hydrates and soothes your skin, making it feel soft and supple again.

-          Botanic Balsem Day Cream with Aloe Vera Extract is known for its ability to hydrate the skin, revitalising it and giving back its natural beauty.

Garnier Facial Masks

Garnier has a variety of facial masks, so there is a perfect mask for every type of skin. Some of the most popular Face Masks include:

-          Skin Active Matcha Kaolin. This Face Mask mattifies and cleanses the skin. It is made for mixed to oily skins.

-          Skin Active Volcano is enriched with volcanic rock and clay reduces the visibility of your pores. It cleanses the skin and makes it look smoother and matte.

-          Skin Active Honey contains honey and ceramide. The mask smoothens the skin and gives it a comfortable, silky soft feeling. Specially developed for dry to very dry skin.

Garnier Sunscreen

Garnier's sunscreen is perfect for any skin type. To secure maximum dermatological safety, Garnier holds 6 exclusive principles:

-          Broad spectrum photostable sunprotection

-          Very high Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

-          Hypoallergenic formula's

-          Free from parabens

-          Free from perfumes

-          Free from colourants

Garnier Hair Dyes

Garnier has many products to colour your hair. There are dyes colour your hair for a long time. Garnier also stocks bleaches if you are looking for a lighter hair tone. There is a Garnier product for every desired hair colour.

Garnier Loving Blends

Garnier Loving Blends is a series that contains shampoo's, conditioners and hair masks. With 8 different products, there is a Loving Blend for every hairtype and for every need. Some Loving Blends include:

-          Garnier Loving Blends Honey Gold are restorative shampoo's and conditioners for damaged or fragile hair. Your hair is nourished and treated down to its tips. Honey Gold strenghtens and softens your hair and makes it easier to model.

-          Garnier Loving Blends Argan- & Camellia Oil nourishes and softens your hair. Dry and dull hair regains its natural shine and suppleness and becomes shapable again.

-          Garnier Loving Blends Mythic Olive is an intensely nourishing product for sensitive or very dry hair. It restores the natural condition of your hair without making it heavy.

-          Five different types of hair masks, each with its own specific effects. There is always a Loving Blends hair masks that suits your needs and hairtype.


Why buy Garnier from Cheapido?

Producing top quality products, Garnier is often one of the higher-priced brands in its category. We think top quality should not mean unaffordable. Cheapido stocks a variety of Garnier products, so that you always find what you are looking for at a low price.