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Feel FAntastic with Fa! Fa has products for your body that tingle the senses and make your skin feel irresistible. Enjoy precious ingredients and inspiring scents. Fa shower creams hydrate your skin and make it feel smooth as silk. Fa deodorant offers reliable protection and long-lasting freshness.

Fa has products for both men and women.

Products for women

Fa has a range of care products for the female body. There is Fa deodorant, anti perspirant, shower gel and soap.

Products for men

Fa products for men all have great scents. For men, there is Fa deodorant and shower gel.

Fa deodorant

Refreshingly effective for every day!

Fa deodorants have refreshing scents and a skin-friendly formula. Discover the Fa deodorant that suits you best. It instantly gives a long-lasting effect against odor causing bacteria, contains 0% aluminum salts, offer 48-hour protection and spread a fresh scent all day long. Some of the Fa deodorants include:

-          Fa Deodorant – Purple Passion

-          Fa Deodorant – Fruity Touch

-          Fa Deodorant  Mystic Moments

-          Fa Deodorant – Active Pearls

-          Fa Deodorant – Dark Passion

Fa Antiperspirant

Fa Antiperspirants are skin-safe formula's with a long-lasting scent that are activated by movement and moisture. They provide continuous protection against moisture and odor, have increased sustainability and protect up to 48 hours long. Some of the scents include:

-          Fa antiperspirant Sporty Fresh

-          Fa antiperspirant Invisible Power

Fa Shower Gel

Skin-safe formula's with a long-lasting scent!

Take your senses on a beautiful journey with the best fragrances of Fa shower gel. They protect your skin against dehydration, are PH-neutral and are dermatologically tested. Fa has the following shower gel scents:

-          Fa Shower Gel – Paradise Moments

-          Fa Shower Gel – Pink Passion

-          Fa Shower Gel – Mystic Moments

-          Fa Shower Gel – white Dream

-          Fa Shower Gel – Kick Off

Fa Soap

Enjoy hands that feel super soft and supple!

Fa soaps are quick and easy to use and offer mild cleansing for soft hands. Their precious ingredients help your skin retain its natural moisture balance. Some of the Fa soaps are:

-          Fa soap with aloe vera

-          Fa soap with coconut oil

-          Fa soap with fresh lime

Fa Kids

For children, there are Fa products with fine smells and fun packaging. For example, there is a combined shampoo/shower gel with pirates, or a pink one with mermaids.

Why buy Fa from Cheapido?

As our name promises, Fa products cost very little at Cheapido! So if you want to save money on Fa deodorants, shower gels, soaps and more, take a look at our webshop and buy what you need.