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Elmex Anti Caries toothpaste combats tooth decay with unique ingredients. A key ingredient to this toothpaste is a sugar acid neutraliser that actively fights tooth decay. Besides the well-known Anti Caries toothpaste, Elmex also makes toothpastes for sensitive teeth and for children, the Elmex toothpaste junior 5-12 years and an Elmex Toddler toothpaste. 

If you want good protection for your teeth, but also a brighter smile, then Elmex Whitening might be something for you. Complete your dental care with Elmex moutwash.

Did you know that Elmex was founded in 1962 and that it was the first toothpaste to contain the organic amine fluoride Olaflur as an active protection against tooth decay?

Tooth decay

Tooth decay or caries is caused by acid attacks from sugar that can happen to anyone. The severity and frequency of acid attacks depend on dietary habits (what and how often we eat) and how frequently we care for our teeth. For example, eating one large portion is better for your teeth than eating the same amount spread over several servings. Every intake causes an acid attack on your teeth. Sensitivity to caries is to a certain extent caused by hereditary factors.

The patented ingredient Sugar Acid Neutralizer in Elmex Anti Caries and Anti Caries Professional actively combats the main cause of tooth decay. Combined with other important ingredients such as Fluoride and Calcium, your teeth are made stronger and more resistant, considerably decreasing the chance of caries.

Sensitive teeth

The main cause of sensitive teeth are receding gums. This exposes the tooth neck, thus removing the natural tooth barrier. The most common symptoms of this are pain when eating food that is hot or cold, very sweet or sour or when inhaling cold air.

Receding gums can be slightly reduced by not pushing too hard, using a toothbrush with soft hairs which uses a rotating movement.

You can complement this with Elmex Sensitive and Elmex Sensitive Professional to reduce tooth sensitivity.

In addition to using the right toothbrush and toothpaste, it is always advised to consult a dentist or dental hygienist for the best treatment and oral health.