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Dylon was established in 1946 by two young entrepreneurs: Luca Purbeck and Peter Samuel. They started selling dyes from a downtown London garage.

From that humble start, Dylon grew into a large company. In the post-war period, Dylon brought back warm colours into people's homes.

During the 1950's Dylon kept developing and eventually starting exporting textile dyes to more than 70 countries worldwide.

The 1960's were a very colourful decade. The window of Dylon's chic Edgware Road boutique inspired with continuously changing trendy ideas. Teenagers designed their own outfits, made them shorter and dyed them. This allowed them to re-use their old clothes with new colours.

During the 70's and 80's, Dylon continued reinventing itself by adding new products for textiles to its assortment. From ironing sprays to stain removers, anything that helps keep colours beautiful for as long as possible. At a 1979 show, even Grace Kelly showed interest in Dylon's product range.

In the 1990's, Dylon became a favourite on the tv show Changing Rooms with Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen. With the introduction of Dylon Wash & Dye, Dylon kept renewing.

Right now, Dylon is once again very trendy. People are more aware of overconsumption and choose to waste less, which popularised recycling and reusing instead of throwing away old items. Dylon allows you to express yourself using your favourite colours and creations.

Dylon Textile Dyes

Dylon Textile Dyes let you colour your clothes to meet your desires. Dylon produces different dyes for washing machines and for hand wash. For over 70 years, Dylon's experts have been dedicated to innovation of their products.

Cheapido sells the following Dylon products:

-          Dylon textile dyes for hand wash

-          Dylon textile dyes for washing machines

-          Dylon stain removers

-          Dylon textile dye powders

Dylon Textile Dyes for Hand Wash

Dylon's Textile Dyes for Hand Wash are ideal for colouring smaller pieces of natural fabrics, and fabrics that you would not wash in the machine, such as wool and natural silk. No matter what you want to re-colour, Dylon dyes will not disappoint you.

Fabrics that can be painted using Dylon Hand Wash Dye include:

-          Cotton

-          Linnen

-          Viscose

Dylon Textile Dyes for Washing machines

Dylon's special Textile Dyes for the machine come in many different colours, which allows anyone to make their own colourful creation with cotton, linnen, viscose and more. Cheapido sells these dyes at very low prices. 

Dylon Colours

Dylon has a wide range of fun colours, the most popular Dylon colours are:

-          Vintage Blue

-          Intense Black

-          Intense Violet

-          Sunflower Yellow

-          French Lavender

-          Navy Blue

-          Pebble Beige

-          Coffee

Dylon makes many more colours, from Flamingo Pink to Jeans Blue, so there is a perfect colour for anyone.

Why buy Dylon from Cheapido?

Cheapido stocks a wide variety of Dylon Textile Dyes at very low prices. Buy buying from Cheapido, you save a lot of money. Take a look at our Dylon products below or use the search bar at the top.