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Dixan is a Belgian manufacturer of laundry detergents that originated in 1958 and is sold throughout Europe.

It gained popularity for being the first detergent that could be used in a machine on any temperature, which is still illustrated by the colourful arrow on Dixan's packagings. The first liquid product was marketed in 1988. Throughout the 2000's, Dixan introduced a series of specialised products that also work at low temperatures. Lavender, Super Fresh and Pure White were eventually developed to diversify the Dixan product range and to respond to the demands of consumers.

In 2011 Dixan introduced its first dosed liquid tabs: Dixan Bubbles. This new generation of detergents turned out to be a great success. Dixan Color no sort was added in 2014. The liquid detergent has the same stain removing potential as other Dixan products, but thanks to its special formula you no longer have to sort your laundry by colour.

Dixan Products

-          Dixan Powder

-          Dixan Liquid

-          Dixan Duo Caps

-          Dixan Perfect Dose

-          Dixan Power Mix

Dixan Powder

Dixan makes three different washing powders:

-          Dixan Powder Extreme Power: a specialised product to make your daily chores somewhat easier. This Dixan powder always performs well, thanks to its unique stain detection formula.

-          Dixan Powder Lavender Fresh: a powerful washing powder with added lavender scent, so your laundry has a great freshness!

-          Dixan Powder Extreme White: trusted Dixan results thanks to its active stain detection, but safe for your whites. 

Dixan Liquid

There are four different Dixan washing liquids:

-          Dixan Liquid Lavender Fresh: With added lavender scent for stain-free laundry with long-lasting freshness.

-          Dixan Liquid Extreme Power: Removes the most persistent of stains without leaving residue.

-          Dixan Liquid Perfect & Gliss: The superior formula targets wrinkles and straightens your laundry, reducing the need to iron afterwards.

-          Dixan Liquid Color No Sort: No more need to sort colours thanks to the formula of this specialised Dixan detergent. 

Dixan Duo Caps

Both types of Caps, Extreme Power and Color, are perfectly dosed capsules with a powerful combination of ingredients for a clean, stain-free laundry.

Dixan Perfect Dose

With Dixan Perfect Dose you no longer need to do the work, the bottle knows exactly how much Liquid you need. Available in both Extreme Power and Color No Sort.

Dixan Power Mix

The first Dixan product to combine the best of powder and liquid detergents in one product.

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