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Braun is a German company well-known for producing high-quality small electronic devices. Founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1921, Braun was eventually incorporated into the American Gillette Company in 1967, which in turn was bought by Procter & Gamble in 2005. Their product range includes products such as electric shavers, kitchen appliances, hair styling products and other household appliances. In 2012, Braun's branch of small household appliances was acquired by the Italian company DeLonghi.

In 1935, Braun was introduced as a brand, with the iconic brAun logo designed by Will Münch. During World War II, Braun manufactured mainly military radio equipment, but the factory was eventually destroyed (in 1944). After the war, Braun was rebuilt with a focus on radio and other audio devices. The first Braun electric razor was introduced in 1950 and became a major success, which attracted the attention of Gillette. When founder Max Braun died in 1961, his sons Arthur and Erwin took over the company and continued making consumer products. From 1957 kitchen appliances became a main focus. Currently Braun is once again best known for its top quality electric shavers and related products.

Braun Products

Over the years, Braun has branched out into a wide variety of product types, some of these are:

-          Kitchen appliances

-          Hair straighteners, dryers and brushes

-          Electric shavers and parts

-          Household appliances

-          Face cleaners

-          Epilators

Braun Kitchen Appliances

After World War II, Braun shifted its focus to household appliances, including kitchen devices. Cheapido stocks a variety of these products, which includes:

-          Braun Blenders

-          Braun Food Processor

-          Braun Coffee Pots

-          Accessories.

Braun Electric Shavers

For an optimal and smooth result, Braun shavers are always a good choice. The different series are:

-          Braun CoolTec

-          Braun shaver series 3

-          Braun shaver series 5

-          Braun shaver series 7

-          Braun shaver series 9

The latest shavers, those of series 9, shave off more hairs in one single movement than any other professional shaver. Needing fewer movements means less contact with the skin, reducing the chance of irritated skin.

What makes Braun series 9 shavers so special?

-          Two specialised cutters in the middle of the blade

-          Two ultrathin OptiFoils

-          A protective Skin Guard to safely remove hair from even the most difficult-to-reach places.

The series 9 comes with the latest built-in SyncroSonic technology. Tens of thousands of vibrations create an air cushion over the razor, making it glide smoothly over your skin.

Braun Beard Trimmer

With a Braun beard trimmer you are always in complete control. Make every look stylish with a quality trimmer of the top brand Braun. Its ultrasharp blades let you cut even long or thick hair with ease, allowing for any style or shape you want. A full charge is enough for 60 minutes of precision trimming. The LED-indicator shows you the battery status. Braun beard timmers are easy to clean, all you need it some running water.

Why buy Braun from Cheapido?

Cheapido stocks a wide variety of Braun products at a low price, from electric razors to kitchen appliances. If you are looking for great results from an established top quality brand, Cheapido is the right place for you.