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Hairgel / Shampoo / Shower gel / Deodorant & more

Axe is a Unilever brand that sells a variety of products, including deodorant, shampoo and aftershave. Axe is sold around the globe and is also known as Lynx.

Television commercials try to sell Axe as the ultimate means of seduction. It is supposed to attract hoards of women to the male sex. They call it the 'Axe effect', lasting for over 24 hours. Does it really work? Try it for yourself.

Axe products

Axe manufactures a variety of products, including:

-          Axe hairgel

-          Axe shampoo

-          Axe shower gel

-          Axe deodorant

-          Fragrances (Axe aftershave, Axe perfume)

Axe comes in many different scents. This means that there is always a fragrance that suits your particular preference. Some of the most well-known are:

-          Axe Black

-          Axe Africa

-          Axe Dark Temptation

-          Axe Musk

-          Axe Apollo

All of these fragrances come in shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, aftershave and perfume.

Axe hairgel

Axe hairgel does not stick and remains flexible all day long, so that you can remodel your hair at any point during the day. Axe hairgel has a matte effect which adds to your look.

Axe shampoo

When you have used an Axe shampoo, you will smell like one of great Axe fragrances all day long. Most Axe shampoos can not only be used for your hair, but also for the rest of your body.

Axe deodorant

Whatever frangrance you prefer, there is an Axe deodorant that suits you. No matter where you are, with Axe body sprays you smell great all day long!

Axe shower gel

Start your day with a fresh shower and Axe shower gel will make you feel like you can conquer the world!

Fragrance (aftershaves, perfumes)

With Axe aftershaves and eau de toilettes you can smell great at any time. Whether you have a date or a job interview, with an Axe fragrance you always make a great first impression. An aftershave will treat you skin after shaving and also make you smell delicious!

Why buy Axe from us?

Axe is a well-known brand: most people know it and many men use it because of its fragrance. Yet there are cheaper alternatives, but that is no problem at Cheapido, because our wide range of Axe products is always low-priced. This means your favourite Axe products are always for sale at a great price.