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Andrélon is the best selling brand of hair products in The Netherlands. Its wide product range includes shampoo's, conditioners and many styling products. Find the product that is right for you by using the sorting options on the left, or continue reading if you want to learn more about Andrélon.

The history of Andrélon started around 75 years ago! It all began when a hairdresser named André de Jong started making his own hair products in a small plant next to his store in Bodegraven. Withstanding the Great Depression of the 1930's, the young entrepreneur started his own barber shop, which included a bathhouse. In the late 1930's, André started began experimenting with making his own shampoo. At first he sold it to his colleagues, but soon he could be found throughout the area, hauling big bags full of home-made care products. 


Andrélon has a variety of product lines, the most well-known are:

-          Andrélon Oil and Care

-          Andrélon Coconumt Boost

-          Andrélon Care & Repair


Andrélon Shampoo

There seems to be no end to the different types of Andrélon shampoo. For every specific hairtype and demand, Andrélon has developed a special shampoo:

-          Volume

-          Shine

-          Fresh and radiant skin

-          Protection for coloured hair

-          Aging hair care

-          Intsensive repair and protection

-          Natural care 

-          Healthy scalp

-          Shape

-          Curls

-          Texture

-          For men

-          Mild care for children

-          Short hair

-          Silver care

Andrélon Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a popular product that can be used for various goals. It allows you to dissolve grease in your hair. After applying the shampoo, rub it in well to absorb the grease. Andrélon dry shampoo also adds to your look by adding extra volume.

Andrélon dry shampoo comes in many varieties, you can choose beachy texture, surprising result, seductive short hair, summer blond, longlasting freshness and more volume. Find the one for you in our webshop!

Andrélon Conditioner

Andrélon also has a wide range of conditioners. Their specialised formula's nourish your hair and make it soft and let you shine every day. Just like the shampoo's, Andrélon conditioners come in a special version for every type of hair.

Andrélon Oil and Care

Andrélon has a special product series by the name of Oil and Care. Its unique formula with several oils including Moroccan Argan Oil nourishes and cares for your hair. Oil and Care lets you regain control over your dry and fluffy hair. The oils are quickly absorbed by your hair, which will feel silky smooth with a natural look.

The following hair care products have an Oil and Care variety:

-          Shampoo

-          Conditioner

-          Hair masks

-          Cream

-          Spray

-          Oil

Why buy Andrélon from Cheapido?

Not only does Cheapido offer a wide range of Andrélon products, they are also priced extra low! If you are looking for the best shampoo's, conditioners, hair masks and other hair styling products, you have come to the right place!