Juice Extractors

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Juice Extractors

Enjoy a delicious glass of home-made juice with Cheapido's Juice Extractors

We all know how important it is to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables every day. A juicer makes it a piece of cake to transform all kinds of ingredients into a tasteful and healthy juice. Give your health a boost with a great deal on Cheapido's Jucie Extractors.

Why buy a Juicer?

Juices can not only be very tasty and healthy, they are also a great way to whip up a quick drink in no time. It easily converts large amount of fruit into a healthy drink for the entire family.

Variation and possibilities

With a juicer you are completely free to customise your drink to your taste. Experiment with different ingredients and create a juice that money can't buy. A little bit more strawberry? Or a mango-based juice? You decide! Store-bought juices often contain lots of added sugars. With a juicer you control what goes in.

Save money with a juicer

In the long term, a juicer can save you money. First, you save by buying from Cheapido. When you start making your own drinks, you no longer have to buy expensive fresh juices from the supermarket. Get your fruit from the market to save even more! A good Juicer also lets you make much more than just fruit drinks. You can make sorbets, soups, baby food an much more.

Cheapido's Juicers

Cheapido has various juicers, our most popular are:

Trebs Juice Extractor - 700Watt

With this Trebs juicer you can combine many different kinds of fruit and vegetables into a great fresh juice! Its fine, stainless steel filter makes the juicer highly efficient at extracting the maximum amount of juice from your fresh fruit an veg. It has an adjustable speed setting, one for hard and one for soft ingredients. Apples, oranges, kiwi's, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes are some great ingredients to turn into smoothies. Thanks to its large container you don't need to pre-cut the ingredients. The pulp reservoir can be taken out for easy cleaning.

Dunlop Citrus Press / Juicer - 25W - White

The citrus press is a versatile tool: it can be used to make for example orange juice, but it also lets you press out lemon juice for cooking and baking. With this press you can try out different combinations of fruit and vegetables. Much healthier than store-bought juice, because it has no added sugars.

The Dunlop Juicer has a compact design and is easy to use and clean. Oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, lemons and limes, the Dunlop Juicer turns them into vitamin-rich juice in mere seconds.

All parts of the Dunlop juicer are designed to allow fast cleaning. The juicer can also easily be stored thanks to its compact design.