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Good barbecues for cheap!

Summer is coming and high temperatures mean you can eat outside. Start preparing now and get yourself a good quality barbecue or grill! Whether you are looking for a simple grill or a luxury barbecue, Cheapido has something for you for a great price. Barbecues with wheels, charcoal barbecues, grill plates, table barbecues or a professional one.

Barbecues with wheels

A mobile barbecue is super handy, just ride it to wherever you want. Is the wind blowing the smoke over the table? Move it further away. Are you too lazy to walk all the way to the barbecue to pick up your food? Put it close to the table (or send someone else). We have these mobile barbecues:

-          Barbecue Collection - Moveable Steel Barbecue

-          BBQ Collection - Charcoal Barbecue

-          BBQ Collection Flamemaster Professional

Charcoal barbecues

The traditional barbecue: popular because of the characteristic smoke it produces. That smokey flavour on your food is what makes barbecuing special. Charcoal barbecues are made in many varieties: small, large, with or without lid, etc. Cheapido has affordable charcoal barbecues such as:

-          Green Arrow Charcoal Barbecue - 44 x 70 cm

-          Trebs Portable Charcoal Barbecue - 35 cm

-          BBQ Collection - Charcoal barbecue

Table barbecues and grill plates

Barbecuing is more fun when everyone can sit at the table together. No more smokey loneliness with a table barbecue. These have no underframe, so they can stay on the table.

We have several grill plates and table barbecues:

-          Cuisinier Deluxe Electric Table Barbecue BBQ - 1250W

-          Cuisinier Electric Table Barbecue - 2000W BBQ

Professional barbecue

A professional and luxurious barbecue with 3 burners. It is gas-powered and has an extra large cooking surface with 2 handy side tables. Ideal when organising a barbecue for a large group. It also has 2 wheel, so it can easily be moved around. A very affordable professional barbecue for anyone!