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Dry-running mats, outdoor mats, coconut mats and more.

Doormats come in many shapes and sizes. We have brands such as Benson, Magic Clean and more.
Special outdoor mats, coconut mats, dry-running mats, cleaning mats and more, all at high quality.

Our super absorbant mats take up large amounts of liquid and dirt. Your floor will stay much cleaner with a good doormat. Cheapido has the lowest prices in mats, so you can always find something you need at a decent price.

Dry-running mats

Dry-running mats are made of cotton and dry extra quickly and can hold large amounts of water.
Cheapidos has mats such as:
Natuflex - Dry-running mat 40 x 60 cm

The Natuflex dry-running mat is a practical doormat with natural fibres. The top side of this mat is made of 100% cotton for great water absorbtion. The bottom is anti-slip to keep the mat in place. Ideal for cold and rainy periods!

Coconut mats

Coconut mats are ideal indoor mats for cleaning your shoes. Their rough fibres scrape the dirt from your soles. The mats can easily be cleaned with vacuum cleaner or with some water and soda. When cleaned regularly, the mat will last longer.

Outdoor mat

Outdoor mats are useful to keep the dirt out of your house. We have:
- Outdoor mat with cubes
- Outdoor mat with scrapers
- Outdoor mat with drying function

Cleaning mats

A cleaning mat is used to keep your floor clean. The Magic Clean Anti-slip Cleaning Mat - 70 x 46 cm is a practical, super absorbant mat that eliminates the need to wipe your feet, because all dirt and water fall over immediately The bottom has a rubber layer to prevent leakages.
- Laundry proof
- Absorbs mud, rain, etc.
- Ideal for children and animals

Whatever mat you are looking for, at Cheapido you will find what you need at the best price!