Wake-Up Lights

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Instead of an annoying beep on your alarm clock or phone, a wake-up light gradually wakes you up. Compare it to the sun rising, but whenever you want it. Because the light increases slowly, your body has time to adjust to wake up more rested and calmer in a natural way.

Cheapido has these brands:
- Davita
- Lanaform
- Medisana
- Parya

Advantages of a Wake-Up Light

We can not influence how long the sun shines every day, but we can simulate sunlight with a wake-up light. This lets you wake up more with more energy by simulating a sunrise. Just setup the wake-up light and let it work its magic. Just before it is time to wake up, the lamp starts increasing its intensity, changing to a more brighter yellow light so you wake up more naturally.

Falling asleep more easily

What most people don't know is that a wake-up light can also help you fall asleep by simulating a sunset. Starting very bright, the light gradually decreases to a warm yellow. It is the opposite of the wake-up effect: your body is stimulated to produce melatonin, a hormone that helps you fall asleep at night.

Wake-up Light with sound

Calming and natural sounds from the lamp can help you wake up more relaxed: singing birds, the sea, a fireplace, or music of your choice.