Party Lights

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Festive lighting such as rope lights, christmas lights and party lamps

Festive Lighting

Cheapido's lights bring everyone in a festive mood. Brands such as Benson, Christmas Gifts, Grundig, Star Shower, PartyFunLights and more!

Rope lights

Cheapido has LED rope lights in several sizes and colours. These are often used outdoors to decorate gardens and houses.
For example, Grundig rope lights (6 or 12 meters) have 144 warm white LEDs per 6 meter and use little energy. They are made of plastic and are splashproof, so they can be used both inside and outside.

Christmas Gifts makes thematic red, 6 meter long rope lights that are perfect for decorating your home for christmas. Useable both indoor and outdoor, they create a cozy and warm Christmas atmosphere year after year.

Christmas Lights

Find the christmas lights that suit your style: we have tree lights, rope lights, star LED lamps, animation lamps, copper light and much more!

The Pattern Lights in our assortment are a fun way to play with light. For example:

Benson Laser Light / Projector - Christmas Animation 4 Patterns

Increase the Christmas feeling and add decoration during the festive period. This projector lamp have 4 different Christmas patterns and can be used outside. Simply plant it in the ground or use the standard and enjoy its 280m² range.

Party Lights

Fun lights make a great party even better. We have many lamps, most of them LED, with or without patterns. Take a look around and find what you like for little money!