Hanging Lamps

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Stylish Hanging Lamps at Cheapido!

A hanging lamp is an eye catcher in every home. But finding one you like can be difficult: it has to match your interior and not break after a couple of months. Cheapido helps you by selecting quality lamps that don't cost you a fortune. Brighten up your home in a trendy way!

Hip Hanging Lamps

A great way to give your home style and character. These lamps are perfect for the dining room, but also in the hallway or bedroom. We have:

-          Lifa Living hanging lamp Lund - Set of 2

-          Lifa Living hanging lamp Uppsala - Set of 2

Both lamps are available in three different colours: White, Black and Copper, so you can match the style of your home.

Moderne Hanging Lamps

Any modern interior requires modern lamps. These lamps fit in most homes and are easy to combine with all kinds of decoration and furniture. We have:

-          Lifa Living hanging lamp Stockholm - Set of 2

-          Lifa Living hanging lamp Helsinki - Set of 2

-          Philips hanging lamp

The beautiful Lifa Living Stockholm is a modern and industrial lamp with a slight retro look. Available in Black and Gold.
The Lifa Living Helsinki is stylish and modern and comes in three neutral colours: Grey, White and Black, making it easy to combine with any color scheme.
The Philips hanging lamp is made of metal and glass, uses very little energy and emits a beautiful atmospheric light.

So are you looking for a new lamp in the kitchen, dining room or anywhere else? Check out Cheapido to save money on style and design!