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PVC Floors look just as good as real wood or stone, is as easy to install as laminate and as durable as the strongest vinyl. They can be used with floor heating, are waterproof and produce very little sound.
The floor is an essential part of any house or room. It must look good an be of great quality. Cheapido has some Premium Class PVC floors for little money. They are beautiful, quiet, practical, very durable and immensely popular.
The PVC floor Wood can hardly be distinguished from a real wooden floor, is waterproof, anti-slip and easy to maintain thanks to its dirt-repelling and stainfree properties. It can easily be installed over many types of existing flooring. No glue is needed, the floors are self-adhesive. Floor heating can be used up to 28 degrees Celsius.

What are PVC Floors made of?

PVC stands for 'PolyVinylChloride'. It was discovered by accident in the 19th century. Only a century later PVC was industrially used for commercial aplpication and is not a very common ingredient of many products.

Why is PVC a good choice for a floor?

PVC minimises impact sounds and can be used with heating. They are hygienic, waterproof and easy to clean.
Cheapido's PVC floors are easy to install yourself. The prints have tangible structure, which makes it hard to tell the difference from real wood.

Advantages of a PVC Floor

- Super strong
- Very durable
- Can be used in any room
- Great efficiency with heating/cooling systems
- Flame retardant
- Low in maintenance
- Waterproof
- Very hygienic
- Ideal for the office