Decorative Fireplaces

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Electric Decorative Fireplaces at Cheapido

A fireplace brings comfort and warmth into your home. Different shapes and sizes to fit any interior. The illusion of flames without all the trouble.

A cosy fire can transform any room into an atmospheric space. Not every house, however, can have a real fireplace, and they can also be quite expensive. Classic Fire's electric fireplaces are the ideal solution. It only needs an electrical outlet and there is no annoying smoke. You can choose between fire effect with heat, or just the flames if you don't need the extra heat.

Electricity Cost

An electric Fireplace is great, but what does it cost in terms of electricity? If you only use the fire effect function, its energy consumption is negligible. If you also decide to use the heating function, the fireplace consume at maximum between 1400W and 2000W, which is 1,4 - 2kWh.

Advantages of a Decorative Fireplace

-          No need for a chimney

-          Very low maintenance

-          No soot

-          No need to buy wood, but you still get a fire effect

-          Decide when to the fireplace on and off

-          No heavy smoke and burn smells

-          Different designs, so you can choose according to your interior