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Blackout Curtains

Do you have trouble falling asleep or do you wake up too early because of light in your bedroom? Then these affordable blackout curtains might just be what you need to help you improve your sleep with.

We always have curtains on sale, so that you never pay more than necessary. Some with hooks, others with rings to suit your needs.

Curtain sizes

Cheapido has affordable curtains in different sizes to suit everyone's needs. We have 150 cm x 250 cm and 300 cm x 250 cm

Their variety of colours these curtains fit every room, no matter your style. We have:

- Beige
- Blue
- Brown
- Dark Taupe
- Grey
- Mint
- Teal
- Wine
- Silvergrey
- Black

Why would I need blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are mainly used in bedrooms and sometimes in rooms with big screens, such as presentation rooms and home cinema's. Their benefits:

-          Blocks all light from coming in

-          Good isolation and bacteria- and fungus proof

-          Luxurious look

-          Easy to install and quick to use thanks to their simple hooks and rings


All our Lifa-Living curtains are made of polyester, which:

-          is a synthetic fibre.

-          does not wear and is easy to clean

-          can be used in wet rooms without staining or changing shape

-          has a low shrinking percentage

-          does not discolour as easily as cotton

Benefits of sleeping in a dark room

Sleeping in a dark room increases metabolism. Your body rests better in a dark room, and you burn fat faster.

Your body does not produce wake up hormones as quickly, giving you a better and longer sleep