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What do you bring on your vacation?

Long before summer arrives, most people already start planning their next vacation. You need to decide on a destination, submit a vacation request at work, buy tickets, make reservations, and so on. It is never too early to start preparing!

Camping is easier with regard to long-term preparations. You still need to find a destination and you might even want to book a pitch on a campsite. But camping gives you the freedom to leave whenever you want and go anywhere. All you have to worry about beforehand is what camping products you need to bring for an ultimate camping vacation.

Which and how many camping items you bring mainly depends on how you want to travel. Backpacking requires completely different supplies than traveling by car and staying on a campsite for three weeks.

Basic camping supplies are of course a tent, sleeping mat or air mattress and a sleeping bag. If you don't want to eat out every day, you will need a cooker with some pans and basic cutlery. If you want to relax and read a book by your tent, then a comfortable camping chair and possibly a small table are indispensable.

What else is useful to bring on a camping vacation?
Other than for example a First Aid kit, a good flashlight, pocket knife, sunscreen and comfortable clothing a Solar Powerbank is a must-have for any modern camping trip. It needs only sunlight to charge itself and can then be used to charge many electronic devices, such as your mobile phone, GPS, tablet or e-reader. Compact and perfect for your vacation!.