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Cheap and flexible Garden Hoses at Cheapido!

We sell garden hoses in many sizes. From 7,5 meter for small gardens, to 50 meter long units for the flowers at the back of your castle garden. Regular hoses can be easily rolled up with a reel. The revolutionary, flexible type of hose such as the Flexi Wonder Pro extends when in use and contracts when you shut off the flow of water. All easily ordered online for great prices from Cheapido!

We have several brands of garden hoses:
- Kinzo
- Pocket Hose
- Flexi Wonder Pro
- X Hose
- Lifetime Garden

Flexibele Garden Hose

Thanks to its innovative elastic composition a flexible hose is easy to store after use. Utilising the pressure of the water the Flexi Wonder Pro can quickly and easily grow to up to three times its original size. Simply connect the house to your outside tap and it is ready to use. When you have finished using it, shut off the water and the hose will regain its original shape.

No more annoying tangles in your hose and no longer do you have to lug around a heavy and clumsy hose that is left lying around your garden or garage. The flexible hose is light and handy and takes up very little space. It is one of the most clever hoses available!

Very resistant, impenetrable and does not lose pressure or spill water.
Pro's of a flexible hose:
- The fiberglass connector gives even more stability than brass
- The ribbed internal hose makes it even comfortable to use;
- Fits every conventional connector and tap.

Garden Hose Accessories

Cheapido also has very affordable accessories for you garden hose. We have spray heads, reels, connectors, sprinklers and irrigation systems.

Spray Heads

Spray heads are very versatile: water your plants, clean walls, cool the kids on a hot day, wash your car and much more. Use a small jet for small, fragile plants or a powerful blast for cleaning the car.

Irrigation Systems:

Stop watering every plant or bush individually. An irrigation system give your plants exactly the right amount of water. Can be used with pots, ledges, container, greenhouses and in the open field. Slow and even drops.

Hose Connectors:

If you have multiple hoses but only one tap, these connectors are very useful. Four outputs let you connect four hoses to one tap.

Garden Hose Reel:

A Hose Reel is easy to move around. Most of them have wheels, and others are compact enough to carry. A portable hose real is ideal for in the garden or at the campsite.


With a sprinkler, you don't have to water the entire garden by hand. A sprinkler does that for you. Keep your garden green and lush during the dry months with a sprinkler that covers your entire garden.