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Need to fix a dropped vase? Are your children creative or do you like to repair things? Whatever kind of glue you need, Cheapido has something for you!

When to use which glue?

Glue is one of the oldest ways of joining materials together. It is easy to apply and requires nothing extra, such as heat when welding. When you use the right glue for the right material, it makes a durable, strong and easy connection. There is a reason it is used world-wide! Cheapido has all kinds of glue, such as wood glue, instant glue and craft glues. This is made specifically for paper and cardboard and comes in a child-friendly bottle. So whether your children are looking to stick things together for their artwork, or you need some serious repair glue, you will find it on Cheapido.

Instant Glue

Instant glue is a colourless glue on a cyanoacrylate, which sticks within mere seconds. The glue reacts with the moisture in the surface material to gain its adhesive strength. Because your skin also contains moisture, it is advised to be careful when using instant glue with bare hands. Whether you need to fix a porcelain cup, a flower pot or any other broken object, instant glue is the way to go.

Bison glue

Bison is a brand that produces many kinds of powerful glues for home use. Most of their glues are transparant and waterproof and have long-lasting adhesive strength both indoor and outdoors. Bison stands for quality and innovation and is currently focused on reducing its environmental impact. So if you are looking for a qualitative glue that does what you want it to, that is light on the environment and saves you money? Then Bison from Cheapido is what you need.

Uhu glue

Strong and effective glue products from UHU, such as adhesive pads, all-purpose glues and glue sticks. Most of these can be used indoor and outdoors, are water-, cold and UV-proof: nothing is too much for Uhu. Cheapido helps you find the glue you need for your job at the very best prices.