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Doorstops are very practical. Cheapido has rubber doorstops, round doorstops, stainless steel doorstops and fun doorstops.

As the name suggests, a doorstop keeps the door from slamming open. This prevents damage to walls and furniture and is also safer with children. A movable doorstop lets you decide how far the door can open. It can also keep the door slightly open, so small children and pets can walk in and out of the room. Stainless steel and rubber doorstops can also be used outdoors.

Aside from its practical uses, a doorstop can be a decorative addition to your home.

Cheapido has:
- Rubber doorstops
- Round doorstops
- Animal-shaped doorstops
- Doorstop with alarm
- Doorstop stainless steel
Find the one you need!

Doorstop Stainless Steel

These practical stainless steel doorstops have a rubber anti-slip layer and a rubber protective cap, so your doors and walls are not damaged.
We hebben RVS deurstoppers in verschillende maten voor stuntprijzen!

Rubber doorstops

With Cheapido's rubber doorstops your door will never open or close further than you want. We sell several types and sizes.

Our self-adhesive rubber doorstops can be attached to the wall to protect you wall. They are super simple to use: just stick them on the wall and you're done! These doorstops are 0,6 cm.
Fun doorstops
A doorstop does not have to be plain and boring. Why not buy a fun animal-shaped doorstop? We have four different designs:
- Cat grey
- Cat brown
- Dog Jack
- Dog Bull

These doorstops are made of fabric and are roughly 33 cm tall.

Doorstop with Alarm

Our doorstop with alarm - 100 dB is ideal to keep unwanted visitors out of your house or building. It stops the door from opening and makes a loud noise when someone tries it. The batteries can easily be replaced with just a screwdriver. Ready to use, with anti-slip. Batteries not included.