Light Therapy

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The best Daylight Lamps for bottom prices!

Almost everyone recognises the feeling: On a sunny day you are happier and more energetic than during the winter or when you spend a lot of time inside. The lack of sunlight that causes this can be compensated using a daylight lamp.

Cheapido's light therapy lamp help against:
- (Winter) Depression
- Sleep Disorder
- Jetlag
- Hay Fever
- Acne
- Muscle Pain
- Cold Sores

Our assortment contains the best light therapy lamps at great prices. You will find:
- Wake up lights
- Daylight lamps
- Light therapy lamps
- Daylight lamp depression
- Infrared lamps

Light therapy

By using light therapy early on in the day, your body gets a clear signal that the day has begun. Your bodily functions will adjust to the rhythm of the day. The light makes you more attentive and suppresses melatonin, a hormone that signals your body to get tired.

Daylight lamp

Research has shown that day light therapy contributes to a vital and energetic life and healthy sleep. It also speeds up jetlag recovery. On Cheapido we have day light lamps from top quality brands such as:
- Medisana
- CareMaxx
- Innosol
- Lanaform
- Parya
- Sanitas
- And more!

Daylight lamp depression

When the leaves start falling from the trees and the days get shorter, many people experience some form of winter blues or depression, which is caused by a lack of Vitamin D. The use of a daylight lamp compensates this light deficiency and regulates your biological rhythm.
Medisana daylight lamp
Medisana is a popluar brand that guarantees quality. Cheapido has many Medisana daylight lamps, such as wake up light, daylight lamps, light therapy lamps and infrared lamps.
Our most popular lamp:

Medisana - Daylightlamp Therapy - LT 480

Many people suffer from winter depression. The Medisana L 470 daylight lamp illuminates the darkest days and decreases symptoms such as fatigue, gloominess and irritability. You can already feel better after one week of light therapy. The lamp emits 10.000 lumen at 15 cm distance. Thanks to the LED-technology the Medisana LT 470 has a stylish flat tablet design.

- Foldable standard (can be mounted to a wall)
- Very quiet
- Large area of use
- Does not flicker - direct comfortable light without stroboscopic effects
- Certified medical device (MDD)
- Light intensity: u to 10.000 lumen
- Light surface 31 x 45 cm
- Two 36W lamps
- Easy to control with a single button