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Lose weight with Cheapido's pills and shakes

Getting rid of extra weight can be done effectively and safely using supplements. Quality standards secure safe methods with quick results. At Cheapido, these supplements are safe, cheap and effective!
In our assortment we have:
- Weight loss pills
- Shakes
- Green tea capsules
- And more

We sell top brands such as Lucovitaal, Lanaform, EesyLine, Vedax and others that help you achieve the best results for your body
Weight loss shakes

With Cheapido's weight loss shakes, slimming is very easy. We have shakes from brands such as Vedax Easyline.

Vedax Easyline - WLS Proteine Weight Loss Shake contains proteines and bevat naast eiwit ook Conjac Mannan, a high-quality fibre with the capacity to bind 100 times its own weight in water. After the fibres have dissolved in the stomach, a natural, low-calorie gel is formed that gives a feeling of saturation. Weight loss is thus achieved in a natural way by eating less.
Weight Loss Pills
These pills give an extra saturated feeling leading to weight loss. They are available in many different types.

Our fat metabolism capsules creates an effective metabolism for an extra weight loss boost. The capsules contains a mixture of Sinetrol, cafeine, biotin, zinc en chrome for easy and natural weight loss!

Weight Loss Supplements

Another weight loss supplement in our assortment are the Green tea capsules, Green Tea NuSlank by Lucovitaal® they contain iodiine, which helps release energy from food. The added Panax Ginseng improves physical performance and stamina. Iodine and selenium support the thyroid, while manganese help the metabolism. Zinc plays a role in the buildup and breakdown of carbohydrates and fats. Green tea support the fat metabolism and chrome maintains a healthy blood sugar level. These can be used to support weight loss.

For a fast fat metabolism we have Lucovitaal AllinOne BeanSkin Supplements. These capsules contain 350mg beanskin and 82,5 mg choline, also called Vitamin B4 which helps the fat metabolism.

We also have supplements for maintaining regular blood sugar levels and an ideal weight. The formula contains cinnamon, chrome and zinc, these ingredients all contribute to a regular metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteines.

Why buy weight loss pills, supplements and more from Cheapido?

We guarantee that losing weight does not have to be difficult. You can find the best products at Cheapido for the lowest prices!