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Various Fitness products at Cheapido!

Exercise is vital in staying healthy and it also releases happiness hormones. You will feel happier, fitter and better about yourself. Because not everyone wants to go to the gym, Cheapido has various products that let you train at home.
Some people want to lose weight, others want to improve their stamina or strength. With Cheapido's fitness products and machines you can achieve what you want.
So if you looking for home fitness equipment, Cheapido is the right place to be.

Cardio Training

Cardio is all about training the right heart rate zone. To achieve this as quickly as possible, devices such as a treadmill or crosstrainer are ideal. These machines increase your stamina, agility, speed and coordination. Are you curious for a crosstrainer or treadmill, then look no further. We have the following cardio products in our assortment:
- Treadmill
- Crosstrainer
- Hometrainer
- Much more!
All for very attractive prices.


Treadmills are designed to improve your stamina. It trains most of your body's muscles but mostly those in your legs and shoulders. Buy a treadmill for little at Cheapido.


A crosstrainer is a fitness device suitable for losing weight that has gained a lot of popularity, both at home and in the gym. You don't need any experience, even a complete beginner can use it!


The hometrainer simulates a bicycle. It improves your stamina and can be used to lose weight and develop your leg muscles. Are you looking for a good hometrainer without paying too much? We have what you are looking for.

Strength training

If you want to get stronger and increase your body mass, you must train your muscles. Strength training does not necessarily make you wider. The required effort takes a lot of energy, which increases your metabolism and gives you a shredded body. What are you waiting for? Cheapido has several power training products, such as:
- Weights
- Push up bars
- Training Wheels
- Dumbbell Discs
- Kettlebells
- And much more!

Muscle stimulators

Does is seem impossible for you to get a flatter stomach? Then a muscle stimulater might be a solution for you. These devices give external impulses to underlying muscle groups. You get an intensive and efficient workout without all the hassle! Building muscle was never this easy!
Find the fitness equipment you need at Cheapido.