Corrective Bra

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Corrective bra's for top prices!

Corrective bra

At Cheapido we sell the following types of corrective bra's:
- Lanaform Cosme Corrective Bra - 2 Pieces - Black and Beige - Size M/L/XL
- Beauty Bra
- Zip Bra

Lanaform Cosme Corrective Bra

Like with Lanaform pants and leggings, this bra uses microcapsules that slow down cell aging and make the skin stronger. Your breasts will be firmer, better shaped, fuller and beautiful. The bra guarantees optimal comfort and is seamless, which makes it invisible under your clothing. The bottom of the buste gives you extra support.

Beauty Bra

Most women recognise this problem: A bra that does not fit well. Although there are many different sizes, models and shapes, it can be difficult to find the perfect bra for you. Annoying straps, hooks and stitchings can cause irritation and ruin your day. These problems are gone with the Figuretta Beauty Bra. It gives perfect support and the ideal fit every woman desperately wants. The soft frabric is elastic, strong and gives you a beautiful, natural shape, without any seams or unnecessary stitchings and forms after your natural body shape.

Zip bra

The Zip Bra is the only bra you need! It shapes your breasts perfectly and supports them with extra wide shoulder straps and breast strap. The bra does not feel heavy and can be worn comfortably because it is nearly seamless. It can also be used as a sports bra while giving your breasts freedom to move. Because it has a front zipper (instead of at the back) it can be put on and taken off in seconds. The bra has a rust-free zipper and a lifting effect for a perfect silhouette.