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Massage Cushions for little at Cheapido!

Massage cushions are easy to attach to a chair and can be used for many parts of your body. Different options and modes make massage cushions a versatile tool for relaxation. Do you not have partner who is willing to give you a massage? Then a massage cushion is the perfect solution. We have top quality brands such as Medisana, Lanaform, Scholl and more!

Medisana Massage Cushions

Medisana guarantees the highest quality health products. Some of our Medisana massage cushions include:
- Medisana Shiatsu MC825
- Medisana Shiatsu MC822
- Medisana Shiatsu MC840
- Medisana Pro-Shiatsu – MCN
- Medisana Shiatsu MC812 with Infrared
- Medisana Shiatsu MC825
- Medisana Shiatsu NM860 Neck Massager

Medisana massage cushions and neck massagers give shiatsu massages and have a variety of options, such as:

- 4 massage zones in the back and on the seat
- Lightweight and easy to store away
- 3 massage power settings
- Perfect for use in the office or car
- -9 massage programs
- 6 vibration motors
- Intensive heat function
- Automatic shutdown after 15 minutes
- Remote Control
- Low-maintenance materials<
- And much more!

Check out our product range and find the perfect massager for you at a low price!

Neck massagers for bottom prices

Nobody likes a stiff and sore neck, which is often causes by too much tension on the muscles. The pain can cause headaches, concentration problems and fatigue. A neck massage cushion is an ideal way to alleviate this pain and relax.

Medisana NM860 Shiatsu Neck Massage Cushion

The Medisana NM860 is a Shiatsu neck massage cushion to your neck, shoulders, back, belly upper or lower legs. It has two rotation speeds to choose from and optional infrared heat function. The 4 massage heads rotate to give you a relaxing massage with adjustable intensity.

Medisana Tapping Massage Cushion MNT

Our neck and shoulders have a lot to endure during the day and they deserve some love for that. The Medisana Tapping Massage Cushion MNT has 2 points that massage your neck and shoulders with 10 adjustable levels of intensity and 5 different massage modes. You can fully customize the Tapping Cushion to your wishes for the perfect massage!