Infrared Massagers

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Infrared massagers

Infrared massage uses a combination of warmth and red light met warmte en rood licht to relieve pain in your muscles and joints and rheumatic pain. It gives off warmth, treating the skin and underlying layers of tissue.

Infrared is a type of light, just like sunlight. It is invisible to the eye, but it can be felt in the form of warmth. An infrared lamp equally warms a part of your body for a pleasant feeling. It increases body temperature, the rate of your heartbeat and it stimulates the metabolism, removing waste products from your body quicker.
Some of Cheapido's infrared massagers:
- Massage Pillows
- Infared handheld massagers
- Back Massagers

Some of our top quality brands include Medisana, Lanaform and Sanitas. All infrared massagers for extra low prices! Enjoy a great massage with Cheapido's infrared massagers.

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Medisana HM855 Handheld Massager Vibration and Infrared

This massager uses both high-frequency vibrations and infrared to relax your muscles and reduce pain. The optional infrared light can be used for extra warm, which helps massage and relax the muscles, without getting hot. This unique combination of vibrations and infrared warmth causes an ideal treatment for tensed muscles and pain all over your body.

Massage Cushion

A massage cushion is great for your back, neck and shoulders. The Medisana MC812 is a massage cushion that can easily be attached to many surfaces. It gives a shiatsu massage that uses knobs to relax your spine.
The four rotating knobs can massage the back and neck. The cushion has a vibrating seat with an optional infrared heatfunction and a car adapter.

Why buy an Infrared Massager from Cheapido?

We always have massagers on sale so you never pay too much. With Cheapido, you can enjoy the best massages and optimal relaxtion for a great price!