Handheld Massagers

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The best Handheld Massagers for the lowest price!

Does your partner not want to give you massages and do you not want to spend money on a professional? Then Cheapido's massagers are the perfect solution! A massage has many positive effects on your body, a massage:
- Relaxes and reduces stress
- Alleviates pain
- Boosts your natural resistance
- Improves blood circulation
- Leads to a better night's rest
- Improves your mood

With Cheapido's handheld massagers you can enjoy this relaxed feeling. We have:

- Infrared Massage Devices
- Handheld Vibrating Massagers
- Massage Balls

Medisana Mini Handheld Massager HM840 Orange.

The Medisana HM840 with 4 vibrating heads is great for anyone looking for a quick massage on-the-go. The Medisana HM840 is waterproof so it can be used in the bath our shower. Enjoy an intensive peeling effect using the loofahpad.
Infrared Massager
Infrared is an invisible type of light that feels warm and comfortable. It alleviates pain in the muscles and joints and rheumatic pain.

Medisana HM855 Handheld Massager Vibration and Infrared

This massager uses both high-frequency vibrations and infrared to relax your muscles and reduce pain. The optional infrared light can be used for extra warm, which helps massage and relax the muscles, without getting hot. This unique combination of vibrations and infrared warmth causes an ideal treatment for tensed muscles and pain all over your body.

Why buy your handheld massager from Cheapido?

We always have massagers on sale so that you never pay too much. With Cheapido you enjoy and optimal massage experience. Take a look around and see what type of massager suits you and your wallet best!