Teeth Grinding Guards

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Prevent tooth damage with Cheapido's Teeth Grinding Guards

Teeth grinding can lead to worn, loose, cracked or even broken teeth. These guards are designed with high quality materials to prevent tooth damage.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding happens to both children and adults. Almost everyone has it at some point in their life, which can become problematic if it does not go away. This excessive use of the chewing muscles is also called hyperactivity.

Teeth grinding is the forceful movement of teeth over one another. There are many causes, such as stress, sleep disorder, alcohol, certain medication, drugs and smoking. In most cases, grinding is caused by a combination of these factors.

At Cheapido, we sell a variety of grinding guards: Both regular guards and those that can be customised: whatever you need.
We sell these brands of grinding guards:

- Ecosym
- Nyda
- SleepRight
- Sleepzz
- Custom-made guards

Grinding Guard

A grinding guard is a layer of plastic between your upper and lower teeth, which protects them from excessive wear caused by grinding.

Most grinding guards can be customised at home: Place the guard in hot water for 20-25 seconds (90-100 degrees Celsius). Dip the guard in lukewarm water for a second or two. Place the guard on your lower teeth and bite down firmly. Let it cool down in your mouth this way for around 30 seconds to set its shape. These steps can be repeated to change the shape again.

Custom-made grinding guard

Cheapido offers you the possibility to have your grinding guard custom-made, for a perfect fit. You have several choices::
- lower jaw X-soft
- knarsbitje op maat onderkaak
- upper jaw X-soft
- upper jaw guard
- custom-made – professiona/>- more

You order online and receive a set with all the materials needed. Follow the manual and ship your dental imprint with the enclosed packaging to the dental laboratory. The tooth technician will make your guard using the imprint you sent. You will receive your personal custom-made guard at home.

Why buy your grinding guard from Cheapido?

Teeth Grinding Guards prevent a lot of damage to your teeth. Cheapido has many guards for great prices!